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Why should we prepare your taxes?

bulletWe know the Internal Revenue Service code, have professional Accounting software, get updates on new changes to the tax code, and prepare hundreds of personal & business returns a year.  Do you have that sort of experience? Do you understand the IRS tax code?  Do you trust yourself to find deductions & credits that we can find for you?  Do you know that the majority of Americans overpay their taxes every year?  Do you know that if you make errors in the IRS's favor they won't correct your errors, but gladly accept your overpayment as charity?  At Peoples Accounting Group we know taxes, we excel at tax time, and get you the largest refund possible or decrease your tax liability.  If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then you're probably a tax professional.  If you didn't answer yes to all of the questions above, we can help you. 


bulletObviously, our knowledge base and experience is greater than that of the average tax payer who files their taxes every year.  Most of these tax payers file their own taxes every year to save the preparation fees of getting their taxes professionally prepared.  Did you know that tax preparation fees are deductible in the following year?  It's true and often our tax preparation service fee pays for itself in finding missed deductions that are often overlooked by the untrained eye.  Did you know that you can make a contribution to an IRA account before the April 16, 2002 deadline and deduct the contribution on your 2001 taxes?  It's true and consider that a free tax tip from us.  Our tax preparation service is quite affordable, beginning at $70 for one federal and one state return, and that we can file your taxes for any state taxing authority.  We can file both your federal & state taxes electronically for an additional fee of $30.  For example, a single person with one W-2, renting your home, taking the standard deduction, and no additional tax considerations.  We can file your taxes for $70(paper) or $100(electronically).


bulletTax Preparation Services for Businesses is available by our firm at a reasonable cost to your company.  Whether you're a sole-proprietor, partnership, C corporation, S corporation, LLC or a non-profit organization we have individuals who can professionally prepare your tax returns.  If your company decides to contract with Peoples Accounting Group for Business Services, our Accountants can provide seamless service on your behalf in the preparation of your Business Tax Return.  Preparing the Business Tax Return shall be seamless because our Accountants will already provide your firm with several accounting services including financial statement preparation.  Of course, the financial statements drive your business tax liability to the various taxing authorities.  However, if you don't contract with Peoples Accounting Group for Business Services we still can prepare your Business Tax Return with supporting financial documents and supporting schedules to gather information for our financial calculations.  For further information regarding Business Tax Preparations Services, please feel free to request additional information, send us some email, or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you.


bulletWe can save you time and give you peace of mind during the tax filing season.  Did you know that it takes the average tax payer 10 hours to fill out their own personal tax forms?  Time is valuable and it seems that we can never seem to get enough of this precious commodity.  If filing your taxes yourself is worth 10 hours of your time, then continue filing your personal taxes year after year.  If you don't like the idea of devoting 10 hours of your time to save yourself a few bucks then let us help you during tax filing season.  After all, even if you don't mind spending 10 hours of your time preparing taxes, there's not a guarantee that you prepared them correctly!!!


bulletOne final point to consider.  An AUDIT!!!  Just the words themselves bring fear and horror to taxpayers.  Did you know that roughly less than 1% of all taxpayers are audited by the IRS?  Do you know what sort of entries may trigger an audit?  We can offer you audit assistance at an additional cost and if you need to be represented, we can represent you in most cases.  If your case is severe in nature, we have a list of affiliated attorneys to choose from to represent you.  The important thing to note is that it is very unlikely that you will be audited by the IRS, but questionable deductions, non-computerized returns, and excessive home-office deductions can increase your chances.  If you need audit assistance, please contact us for a free consultation.


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